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september 22 is world rhino day, meant to raise awareness about the struggle faced by all five species of rhino, help curtail the supply of rhino horns, and highlight efforts to ensure the animal’s continued survival.  

one such effort involves a four man anti poaching team tasked with guarding the ol pejeta conservancy’s four remaining northern white rhinos. with only eight left, it is the world’s most endangered species. located in the laikipia district of kenya, ol pejeta conservancy is also the largest sanctuary for the black rhino.

the rise in asia’s middle class has meant that demand for rhino horn has soared, with prices on the black market exceeding that of gold and cocaine. with an increase in poaching in ol pejeta, the anti poaching team now provides twenty four hour armed protection for the rhinos, and has developed a close relationship with the animals.

poachers will track rhinos from helicopters, darting them from above and then hacking off the horn and part of the face with a chainsaw. the animals are often left to suffer and die. the rhinos seen here were found wandering in unimaginable pain, but remarkably survived thanks to timely veterinary supervision.

to protect the rhinos and deter poachers, veterinarians will remove much of the animal’s horn (as seen in the second last photo). the rhinos are anesthetized, and suffer no trauma. the horn is not like an elephant’s tusk, and will grow back in a few years.  

photos by brent stirton’s. see also: posts on the efforts of the lewa wildlife conservancy and the black rhino range expansion project 

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These animals are dying out for the greed of human beings.  The more who see this, the more will think about animal poaching

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This created my personal headcanon that Steve is awkward as fuck with babies and holding one makes him ridiculously uncomfortable. it’s like, “It’s so tiny what do I do with it? Don’t crush it, don’t crush it, don’t crush. Oh God, it’s crying, what did I do? I must’ve done something. I broke it. My patriotism does nothing. Do I sing to it? Do I recite the Bill of Rights? I don’t even think I know the entire Bill of Rights. Wow, today is horrible.” 

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Fic Excerpt

Tony is in a mood – borderline hyper and bubbling over with energy. He’s beautiful when he gets like this – his movements like an aborted dance as he shifts from one foot to the other, spins in place to walk backwards, hands flying through the air as he explains the new project he’s working on. His eyes are bright and bluer than the autumn sky above them, his cheeks are flushed with energy and the slight chill in the air. His lips are red and curved into a nearly perpetual smile. He laughs easily and often when he’s like this, he’s quick with a compliment for everyone around him and he’s so affectionate. He’s touching Steve almost constantly, quick little touches – a hand on Steve’s shoulder, a brush of his fingers over Steve’s wrist, a quick peck on Steve’s cheek. 

He’s so beautiful when he’s happy. Steve wants to kiss him constantly and indulges himself as often as he thinks is appropriate; outside the donut shop, in the taxi on the way over, outside the gates of the Mansion. He settles for tangling his fingers with Tony’s as they walk into the shop. 

“Two dozen, Frank,” Tony says when it’s their turn to order. He bounces lightly on the balls of his feet as he studies the racks of pastries on the wall behind the counter. “Gimme one all glazed. And surprise me with the other dozen, but make sure there’s at least one Boston Creme in there or Rhodey’ll sulk.”

“Sure thing, boss. Big night tonight?” Frank asks as he begins packing donuts into a box. “Or you and the Captain just satisfying your sweet tooth?”

Steve flushes a little, but can’t help but grin at the wicked gleam in Tony’s eye. “Don’t be ridiculous, Frank. Cap’s sweet enough all by himself. I could just eat him up.”

“I bet you could,” Steve says lowly, brushing his lips against Tony’s ear and delighting in the way he shivered.  

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Would anyone mind doing a quick read-through on a mostly fluffy Steve/Tony fic? 5000 words or so.